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Commercial Rooftops FAQ

Owning a commercial building could provide numerous benefits, such as extra revenue, but it can also consume a lot of energy. Read these ten frequently asked questions about commercial rooftop solar if you’re thinking about employing an alternative energy source.

  • Why Should I Invest in Solar?

By choosing commercial rooftop solar, you are helping the environment by utilising a green energy source. Furthermore, even if the rate of grid electricity rises, you could save money on electricity charges. It may also contribute to local job creation, which supports the economy. Furthermore, you may be eligible for tax breaks of up to 24 per cent if you invest in commercial rooftop solar panels in Malaysia.

  • Does Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Support The Feed-In Tariff System?

Tenaga Nasional Berhad backs the government’s initiative to promote low-carbon energy sources. According to the Renewable Energy Act of 2011, distribution licensees are required to purchase renewable energy and prioritise these transactions using non-renewable energy sources over those generated by electricity.

  • What Is the Cost of a Solar Panel in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, there is no obvious and simple solution to the topic of solar panel price in Malaysia. Pricing can vary depending on the size of the installation, the quality of the solar panels, and the plan or company you use for the service.  It’s also worth checking with your bank to see if they have any big green promotions. 

  • Do you have the necessary permits to install solar panels?

Solar panels are difficult to install and should not be tried by the typical homeowner. That is why your Malaysian solar firm should be a reputable company that has been accredited by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), Tenaga Nasional, and Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission). When you work with licenced professionals, you can be confident that your solar panels were purchased from the correct manufacturer and installed correctly.

  • Will a rooftop PV system have an influence on roof drainage or the upkeep of other rooftop systems?

If installed correctly, the commercial rooftop solar panels will not affect your roof drainage. A qualified PV installer will analyse roof drainage pathways and existing rooftop equipment before designing the system to ensure that drainage is not impaired and that access to all rooftop systems is available for proper maintenance.

  • How Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

There is no need to wash your rooftop solar commercial buildings panels because dust buildup is instantly rinsed away by rain. You only need to be concerned if there is something big on them, such as a flock of birds perched on your panels. If you must clean them, use pure water without soap and make sure it does not infiltrate the underside of the panels.

  • Do Solar Panels Degrade Over Time?

The lifespan of solar panels varies depending on where they are installed. However, it is important to note that all panels degrade over time, with an estimated life duration of 25 years. When it comes to a good panel, you may expect a 5% decline in a system’s maximum output over a 5-10 year time frame. In comparison, a lower-end panel reduces by 10% or more.

  • How much of my electricity cost would be decreased once I install solar panels?

With a large rooftop solar commercial buildings system, you can reduce your monthly bill to RM0 and even receive negative bills as a result of numerous solar incentives. You actually make passive revenue on a daily basis.


We hope that the information provided above will help with your decision to install solar panels for commercial buildings.

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