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Brilliant Solar is an industrial solar rooftop supplier in Malaysia. We understand the solar industry and design solar energy systems of all sizes to meet the demands of businesses, industrial plants, communities, schools, and public organisations. We provide solar rooftop for industries

Industrial Solar Rooftop

 Our solar rooftop installation for industries solutions has assisted large corporations in converting unused rooftop space into extra revenue generators. With a focus on preserving our name as a prominent rooftop solar power installer, we make certain that the panels we install are of high quality and long-lasting. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all strategy, we tailor our services to your specific requirements. 

industrial solar rooftop

The Best in the Market

Solar rooftop installation for industries and commercial companies provides a wonderful opportunity to make considerable amounts of savings to the monthly TNB payments. The economic potential of this technology has increased significantly in recent decades, boosted by local tax incentives such as the Green Investment Tax Incentive (GITA) and the lower manufacturing cost of solar panels compared to a decade ago. With Malaysia being relatively exposed to the sun, an industrial solar rooftop is a good alternative if you’d like to save on electricity. Brilliant Solar Sdn Bhd has the expertise and track record as an alternative energy solutions provider to design, engineer, and deliver the most suitable and reliable solar PV system for our clients’ businesses because we have their best interests in mind – to guarantee the highest possible return on investment with the safest, most reliable, and highest quality solar PV systems.

Hassle-Free Installation

We presently offer two options for solar-PV ownership to our clients. The first is the upfront cost model, whereas the second is the zero upfront cost approach. Rooftop solar is all about collecting the sun’s rays to generate electricity for your personal consumption, allowing you to dramatically reduce your monthly electricity cost, meet your company’s ESG goals, and contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future for the future generations. Our staff understands that each customer will have unique needs and wants, and it would be our pleasure to attempt to meet those needs and requirements with personalised designs, PV systems, and services.

solar rooftop installation for industries
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